Usefull informations about the culture of the Russian women

Read carefully!

In the Russian culture, it is almost always the man who makes the first step, not the woman!

If you want to date someone, you must be pro-active and not wait... otherwise, "someone" more active will take your place


Russian women generally dress in a very sexy way, considered like provocative for Western people.

It does not mean that Russian women are easy to seduce, it is just a difference of mentality and culture between East and West.

They like to take pictures of themselves this is the reason why you will see profiles with professional-quality photos.

At first sight, people are more distant than in Western countries. For example, a man does not kiss a girl he does not know.

Therefore, we advise you to moderate the use of youngster spoken/written language.

We advise you to avoid expressions such as "lol" or any other abbreviations they might not easily understand.

Be courteous and gallant when you chat.

Like you, women create their profile directly and freely on the website and are looking for a serious encounter, because this is our concept.

The names are translated from Russian to international when possible.

Usefull informations

Despite our attention and careful selection of all our members, it can happen that someone with bad intentions hides behind a woman's profile, to run a scam on you.

Please inform us if you encounter such a profile.

We strongly advise the followings:

  • NEVER send money to a woman, no matter the reason.
  • Do not give your email address before you have a well established connection with someone, so that your email is not used for spam.
  • Be careful if you receive a "hot" message after a few contacts with a profile.
  • Beware if a woman gives you her email in the first message she sends you.
  • Always contact her first via the web site.
  • Be realistic and ask yourself how one can fall in love only through the internet!
  • Ask her for photos to check if her profile is real.