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Hello RussianKisses,

I want to thank you because, I am having a relationship with an Ukrainian woman whom I met on your site. I'm American, I live in Washington so we communicate in English - really well, in fact.
We wrote each other for 3 months before I went to see her in the Ukraine.   
We already knew we had a lot in common but when I got there, I found myself face to face with a marvelous woman, it was more than I expected.
When I asked her to visit me in US during the summer, she said she expected to, and that we could move in together. When we kissed it was magic… we had an unforgettable evening. Thank you, RussianKisses!

Brian / Marta

Ich lernte meine Frau über das Internet auf der Dating-Website RussianKisses kennen, die dazu gedacht ist, Frauen aus Osteuropa vorzustellen, aber sie wohnte in einer Wohnung gegenüber von meiner in derselben Residenz in New York.  Ich kannte sogar ihren Vater ein wenig, da ich ihn ein Jahr zuvor in der Residenz getroffen hatte.  

Wir fingen sehr schnell an, uns über RussianKisses zu unterhalten.  Ich habe einen Monat gebraucht, um mich zu entscheiden, weil ich erstens viel zu tun hatte und zweitens, weil ich sie ein wenig kennenlernen wollte. 

Ich hätte es fast vermasselt (sie verloren), denn in ihrer Kultur werden die Dinge anders gehandhabt.  Wir sind jetzt seit 2 Monaten zusammen, und trotz unserer kulturellen Unterschiede sind wir uns sehr nahe..


I met my wife recently on RussianKisses.  She doesn't live very far from me, but there is a 3-hour time difference between Manchester and Moscow.  I know this isn't very practical, so we plan to live together as soon as we have found a school for her children.   
I have entrusted her with a good part of my life, and I've left my past behind me. She had done the same.  We've been married since September. I met her for the first time past summer on your site.  It's like I threw a bottle in the ocean to find an answer to my question and since that moment… we've been together.  
We were each very busy with our work so we could only get together during the holidays, but we were ready to make some compromises because love has no borders!  And now we are happily married.  Thank you, RussianKisses.  

William / Ulyana

Adi and Irina


I'm an expatriate working temporarily in India for a European multinational company.  I got divorced in Europe and I'd like to find a new companion.  So, I've signed up on your site because in India, it's difficult to find a woman.     

Eastern women find emerging countries attractive and being good with languages, they can easily find work in India.  I want to have a Ukrainian woman come here, who wants to share this adventure with me. 

Thank you, because without your site I would not have met her.  

Adi / Irina

I saw that your site has a lot of beautiful women so I signed up.  I'm a computer technician in New Delhi and I speak English well.  I chatted with a woman who wants to have children and a family.  She speaks English very well.  I told her about my culture and my beliefs, and she agreed to accept them because they are not so different from her own.  She has a great respect for nature, for family and traditions. 

I wanted to thank you because I'm going to meet her soon to see if she's the right wife for me.   

Maria / Amar

I have plenty of Indian colleagues who are my age but don't have wives and who work.  Some of them went to another country to find a wife and they got married fairly quickly there. 


For us, marriage is very important.  So I signed up on russiankisses to meet women who were from other countries but ones that were not too far from India.  

Eva / Anil


Ben Istanbul'da yaşıyordum, o ise Ukrayna'nın güneyinde.Aramızda kısa sürede yoğun çekim gücü oldu.
RussianKisses sitesi aracılığı ile 4 ay boyunca görüştük.

Ikimizde bir gün gerçekten karşılaşmayı çok istiyorduk.Daha sonra ona yaz boyunca Kiev'de bulunacağımı söyledim,zaten o da Kiev'de arkadaşını ziyaret etmeyi düşünüyormuş, bu sayede görüşme olanağımız olabileceğini belirtti.
Görüşmemizin daha ilk saatinde yakınlaştık.

Kiev'de bir müzeyi gezdik, dışarıda sel gibi yağmur vardı, çıkmadık ve müzede kalıp ondan bundan sohbet ettik.
O akşamı beraber konuşa konuşa yürüyerek, el ele geçirdik. O günden beri birbirimizi hiç bırakmadık.  

Semih.A / Valeriya


Yakın zamanlarda bir kadınla tanıştım. Uzakta oturuyordu gerçekten uzakta.Aramızda 6 saat fark var Türkiye-Rusya arası.Biliyorum , delice gelebilir.Oturduğum yerde kafama uygun bayanlar bulamıyordum,bu yüzden bu kadına hayatımın büyük bir bölümünü ayırdım, o da aynı şekilde.

Aslında ikimizde mutsuz evlilik yapmış insanlarız, başkası ile mutsuzuz ve hayatımızda  ciddi değişiklikler yapmaya karar verdik. Bu sitede tanıştım onunla, ben aslında bir ışık bekliyordum ve şimdi hayatımda o var.Ikimizde iş hayatımız yüzünden yoğunuz,

zor bir durum lakin aşkımız için kendimizden ödün vermeye hazır olduğumuzu biliyoruz.

aşk sınır tanımaz...


RussianKisses in the Press

Midi Libre (Feb. 7, 2010) : She is Lithuanian, he is Corsica, they love each other here...

« Seeking beautiful Russian woman for serious relationship. The call, though a little mushy, hit the mark for Samuel, 34. Environment quality consultant, the Montpellieran is now living a romantic relationship with Julia, a Lithuanian women he met ten months ago. And because happiness is contagious, he wished to testify. Native of Corsica, Samuel meticulously choses his words to explain how he did try to be friend with a woman. Busy at work, he surfed on websites but the girls there just wanted to flirt... Following the advice of a friend, he then tried Belarussia. And there he discovered Julia, the woman who seems to match his ideal. Young (24 years) and pretty, she is well educated. Respectful of the family. And simple in her desires. A walk to the beach, a bouquet of roses ... She  knows how to appreciates. This is not the case with the French who always want more.

Julia is learning the language of Molière to better communicate with Samuel. And also in order to work here, as she has already worked in marketing the United States. Student at the Paul-Valéry university, Julia speaks of cultural exchange. Discovery of the other. And blushed slightly when evoking her flirt with Samuel, in english trough internet. Before meeting her. "We hit it off right away. "Then, in turn, she came to Montpellier and adopted the city. "Because of the weather and Samuel, "Who says, holding the hand of his companion:" The Russian men are rougher with their companion. "Julia agrees but also indicates that in Lithuania," the girls can walk in miniskirt and heels and never get bothered. " Here, she says, she dresses in a more classic style. But "it does not matter. That’s how it is... " From casual users Julia and Samuel became active members of the dating site Montpellier created in 2007 (RussianKisses). According to Samuel, this is the proof that "this kind of website works well to help find your soul mate."