Connection and password

How to connect to the website?

Once you have created a profile on RussianKisses, we will send you an email with your connection details. You will just have to click on the email to be directly connected to your account. You will also be able to connect yourself on the top right hand side of RussianKisses's homepage.

If you are not already a member of RussianKisses, please click here.

I have forgotten my connection details

You can receive your connection details automatically by email, by clicking the link "Forgotten password" in the connection form. If you do not receive this email, check your spams.

Need more help? Don't hesitate to contact us.

How change my password?

You can change your password by clicking here, or by clicking the link "Change password" which is situated on the homepage in the "Parameters" section.

I didn't receive the email with my connection details

If you need more help, please contact us.

How change my connection email address?

You can change your connection email address by going in "Account", and then by clicking on "Identity" you will be able to change your email address.

Manage profile and visits

Complete a profile

The key of success is a well drafted profile. We recommend you to put as much information as possible on yourself and on the kind of person you are looking for on your profile.

How add a favorite?

In the member's profile click on "Add as a favorite". To see all your favorites, click on "Favorites" on your profile.

How to see those who visited my profile?

Go to the tab "Visits" and then you'll have two choices: "Viewed my profile" or "Profiles I have visited"

Manage my photos

How create a qualitative photo?

Adding a qualitative photo is a good way to draw attention on your profile. First of all your photo must satisfy these conditions:
Your face must be clearly visible.
You must be on the photo.
The size of your photo must be less than 10MB.
Your photo mustn't be too small.
Your photo must be in the jpg, .bmp, .gif, or .png format.
Your photo mustn't be vulgar or showing children.

How add a photo?

We propose numerous options to add a photo to your profile. You can reach your page to manage your photos in "Account" and "Photos", you will then be able to add a photo directly from your computer by clicking on "Parcourir" to download your photo. If these options are not adapted to you, you can click on the link "By videocam" to capture a picture of you.

What is the processing procedure of a photo?

Photos are examined by our department to make sure that they are in accordance with our photo requirements, for example your face must be clearly visible and your photo mustn't be offending. This process is generally completed less than 24 hours to 48 hours.

How change my profile's photo?

Under your photo, it is written "main photo", if you want to delete it, use the "Delete" link.


Write a message

Our inbox system is one of the many means of communication we offer to our members to make sure they communicate between themselves in an entire security. You can receive and send mails without having to reveal your personal information or personal mail address.

To send a message to another member, click on the link "Write a message" on the member's profile you wish to contact. Then write your message in the pop-up box message and click on "Send". This message will be shown as read when the member will do so.


Copy the text message and use Google's Translator.

How to send a Free Crush?

If your heart beats for a member, and that you are not ready to send an email yet, clicking on the tab "Send a Free Crush" is an efficient mean to break ice. The member will receive a signal that another member is interested by its profile and will be able to send a Free Crush in return if he wishes to. If he sends a Free Crush back, you will be able to continue your relationship by sending an email.

Banished contacts

If a member bothers you, you can use the banish member function. Go into your mailbox, choose the contact you want to banish and click on the tab "Banished contacts" at the bottom of the page, then click "OK". You can see your banished contacts in your "Banished contacts" folder.

Search and surf

How search a member?

To find your ideal partner, you can choose to see all the members or refine your search. We also offer options, like searching members who match your profile, and load more!

Quick search

BThe searching option has these optional functions:
Profiles with photos only
Most popular members
Name searching
Certified members
Members with photo

Members online

You can see the members online by clicking on "Our members". You will then see a green dot with the "Online!" signal.

New members

To see the new members, choose "New members" in the "Quick search" menu.

Most popular members

To see the most popular members, choose "The most popular" in the "Quick search" menu.


Options and subscription fees

There are three types of subscription on RussianKisses. Longer the subscription duration is, more you will save money. The subscription allows an access to all the functions of the website:

Live video unlimited

Sending and reading messages

Getting your profile at the top place

Security and Abuse

The confidentiality of our members information is very important for us. Please click here to see our Quality charter.

Concerning the suspect profiles, please let us know about them. In fact, we check all the member's profiles when submitted, but it can be that a few of them have bad intentions without us seeing it. If a suspect profile is indicated, it will then be checked or banished if it is a fake.


A certified profile is a profile for which the member has sent his ID card or a passport. RussianKisses's certification limits itself in checking the profile and the information appearing on the official documents send by the member highlighting that he is a real person. This mention "Certified profile" appears on the profiles approved by our care.

The members are aware that the certification is not a complete warranty of truthfulness and sincerity, they are aware that RussianKisses can't check the truthfulness and the sincerity of the information beyond the appearance of the documents supplied. In case the wanted documents were fakes, the responsibility of RussianKisses could not be committed in any ways.


The language with which you use RussianKisses is shown on the top right hand side of the homepage. You will see a small flag. Just click on the flag to see in which language this website is available.